Students Won Prize in Innovative Design Contest


 XHU Students Won the First Prize in the National 3D Innovative Design Contest

     Students WANAG Wenchao, SUN Shiquan, QIAN Zhengkun and ZHU Haoran, representing the School of Mechanical Engineering and the school of Material Science and Engineering of Xihua University, competed in the 5th National 3D Innovative Design Competition held in Changzhou, Jiangsu province in November 2012, and won a first prize, a second prize and a third prize in different competitions.
      The 5th National 3D Innovative Design Competition started its preliminary contest in March 2012 and over 1 million participants from 675 universities and training institutions from 30 provinces were involved in the event. Since its beginning in 2008, more and more teams from universities and industries participated in the competitions, and excellent teams and design works have emerged. Now this competition has become the largest scale, highest level and most influential contest in 3D industry.

       Group Photo                                         Award Ceremony