I. Student Rules
1. Obey the laws, policies and regulations of the Chinese government. Should not engage in illegal religious and missionary activities.
2. Observe the rules and regulations of Xihua University.
3. Respect people’s customs and habits of all nations.
4. Absence from class is not allowed without any reasonable excuse.

II.Examination & Quarantine
      If an international student, with X-visa and study for more than one year, has taken physical examination before entry into China, the examination record shall be submitted to Sichuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau” for confirmation in order to get an Alien Residence Permit. Failing to submit the medical record or to pass the confirmation procedures, the student will have to retake physical examination as required at:
Sichuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
3# Tong Zi Ling Bei Lu
Tel: 8546-0681

III. Visa & Resident Permit
      Students with a type X visa should apply for an Alien Residence Permit within 30 days after entry into China at the Alien Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Chengdu Municipal Public Bureau. The expiry date printed on the permit indicates your legal period to stay in this country.
      Students with an F-visa can legally stay in China for 180 days maximum, starting from their date of entry into China. This type visa can be renewed for another term of 180 days. Please note that it is a one-entry visa and will be in valid for re-entry once you leave the country.
      International students who wish to travel to places not opened to foreigners should apply for permits at the Alien’s Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Chengdu Municipal Public Bureau before visiting those areas, otherwise such trips are illegal and not allowed.
      Note: International students shall make sure not to stay in China after your visas are invalid. You will be fined at 500 yuan RMB per day for illegal stay.

IV.Getting a Job
      Without legal permit for work from the governmental departments, students with X or F visa shall not be employed. International students cannot undertake any part-time job at the first semester. A new residency permit is required if a student wants to undertake any part-time job. Approved work permit do not include working in night clubs and other similar entertaining places. Any illegal part-time job practice will result in immediate visa cancellation. 

V.Class Attendence

       International students need to fulfil more than 80% of class attendence. Failiure of 80% class attendence will result in visa termination.