1.Yang Bangjie
Member of the Standing Committee of National People’s congress;
Chief Scientist and Engineer in Agriculture;
Vice Director of Planning and Design Institute under National Agriculture Ministry;
Graduated in 1981, majored in Agriculture Machinery Design



2. Dr. Chen Cichang,
Vice President of South West Petroleum University;

The leading academician in Mechanics of Sichuan Province.

Graduated in 1977, majored in hydraulic machinery.


3.Dr. Ren Zhifeng

Tenured Professor and Principal Scientist at Boston College, USA.

Published five academic papers in Science and Nature;

Graduated in 1984, majored in Material Modeling and Control;


4.Liu Yongxing

Board Chairman, representative of legal person of New Hope Group

New Hope Group is listed by Forbes Magazine as the No. 1 mainland China private enterprise in asset;

Mr. Liu Yongxing was ranked the richest businessman in mainland China in 2008;

Graduated in 1980, majored in Mathematics.


5.Professor Wang Huaming

Dean of the Department of Materials Processing Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics;

The Yangtze Scholar and Professor granted by Chinese Education Ministry, Published over 60 scientific papers indexed by SCI.

Graduate in 1983, majored in Foundry.



6. Shi Qinghua

Assistant Chief Engineer, Chief Expert at Dongfang Electric Cooperation;

A nationally well-known specialist in Hydraulic Design of Water Engine ; 

Graduated in 1983, majored in hydraulic mechanics. 


7.Wang Yunxian

Chairman of the Board and the General Manager of Mianyang Xinhua Internal-combustion Engine Company Ltd;

Chairman of the Board and the General Manager of Mianyang Xinchen Auto-power Generating Machinery Company Ltd;

Director of National Enterprise's Technical Center;

Vice Chairman of Sichuan Automobile Association;

A prominent expert in auto engine development;

Graduated in 1986, majored in Management.  


8.Yi Xingwang

The General Manager of China Bio-Energy Company Limited;

A specialist in Mechanics;

Graduated in 1988, majored in Machinery Manufacturing



9.He Xianfu

Chairman of the Board of Dongqi Investment and Development Co. Ltd.

An expert in turbine research and development;

Graduated in 1982, majored in hydraulic machinery. 


10.Yang Yongdong

Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Sichuan Aixin Wooden Industry

Specialize in timber processing machinery development

Graduated in 1982, majored in Machinery Manufacturing.