XHU aims to develop into a high-level comprehensive university with emphasis on engineering and harmonious development of multi disciplines of engineering, science, liberal arts, management, economics, arts as well as sports, etc. Focusing on undergraduate education, XHU will also be committed to developing the graduate education and continuing education and conducting more International cooperation and exchange on joint study and research programs. Based on the Sichuan province, XHU strives to seek for western and national development, so as to better serve the local economic construction and social development.

        XHU intends to develop into a provincial first-rate and domestic famous teaching & research university in the next ten to twenty years.
Three Phases of Development Strategy
First Phase:
        By 2015, a number of provincial first-rate disciplines and specialties featuring our strengths shall be constructed in XHU. By virtue of great progress in discipline construction and scientific research, a solid foundation in teaching and research will be laid and the authorization of granting doctoral degrees will be striven for in a further way.
Second phase:
        By 2020, breakthroughs shall be made in our strong programs of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Material Science, Energy and Power Engineering, in which doctoral degrees shall be officially granted. During this period, XHU is undergoing a transfer from a teaching-oriented university to teaching & research university.
Third Phase:
        By 2030, teaching and scientific research ability shall be raised into a higher level with more distinct strengths and features. Therefore, the goal of provincial first-rate and domestic famous teaching & research university will be finally realized.