Research Center for the Advanced Computation


                    Research Center for Advanced Computation

     Founded in September,2009,the Research Center for Advanced Computation of Xihua University, subordinate to Science and Technology Department of Xihua University,provides a public platform for high-performance computation and other numerical computation, simulation, and analysis.

Leading Officials of Research Center for Advanced Computation:
Director: SUN Weiguo, President of XHU
Vice Director: LUAN Daocheng,Director of Science and Technology Department of XHU
Executive Deputy Director:Feng Hao,Dean of School of Physics and Chmistry
Academic Directors:Prof.Henry F. Schaefer III,internationally renowned quantum chemist
                   Prof.Robert Bruce King,University of Georgia
                   Prof.Xie Xiaoming,University of Georgia

Functions of Research Center for Advanced Computation:
● overall management of all computing programs
● providing computing services for all the programs approved by the Science and Technology Department  of XHU
● inviting renowned foreign experts to give lectures,conducting joint scientific research and promoting international academic exchanges
● providing regular training programs on high-speed computation and relative software application for faculty in XHU
     The Advanced Computation Center has served as a practical base for talents in the fields of high-performance computation and parallel processing. What's more, it also shares rich resources and cooperates with other research institutes or labs to facilitate our scientific research.

           Lectures on Advanced Computation

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