A university is the place where knowledge is imparted and wisdom edified; where great ideas and culture are spread. The collegiate years are an important time when young people develop into well-educated, responsible and capable citizens.

      As the president of Xihua University, I, together with my colleagues, would like to welcome you to Xihua University, the place where you could feel our university spirit, where you could live and learn in a different culture environment and share your cultures with us, where you could observe what is happening in the most dynamic West China, and where you could develop your global perspectives and get ready for the challenges in your future career.

      Xihua University offers quality and diversified programs, ranging from degree programs both at graduate and undergraduate level to Chinese Language and culture programs. We have been continually making our efforts to tailor and customize the programs to meet the specific needs of our students. In addition to the classroom hours and time in library, you could make your every single day full of excitement at Xihua University: cycling with your teammates, staging a play with other actors, joining a country tour organized by the university photographic association…And your next day will be just as exciting.

     Oftentimes, I feel blessed Xihua University is located in Chengdu, the metropolis hailed as The Fourth City of China, not only for its rich culture and history, but for its dynamic economic development in Western China.

     I am confident that your stay with us will be integrate and informative. And I am looking forward to meeting you on campus.