DU Quan

Name: DU Quan


Title: Professor; Postgraduate Supervisor


Dicipline: Physics



1988    Bachelor of Science from Physics Department,  Sichuan University 1991  Master of Science from Optoelectric Science and Technology       Department, Sichuan University


Research Interests: Principle and manufacture of optical film; cluster structure and potential energy function


Selected publications:     

(1) “Structure and analytic potential energy function of the molecules BeH, H2 and BeH2”, Acta Physica Sinica, January, 2009.

(2) “A Guide to Physics”, Science Press, May, 2008.

(3)    “Principal and application of hydrogen storage material”, University of Elcctronic Science and Technology of China, August, 2011.



E-mail:   duquanlm@sina.com