School of Physics and Chemistry


      The School of Physics and Chemistry offers five undergraduate programs: Physics, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Product Quality Engineering and Microelectronics. It has a master’s degree program of first-class discipline on Physics and a master’s degree program of second-class discipline on Chemistry of Functional Materials and a Provincial Key Laboratory of High Performance Computing which was jointly established with the School of Mathematics and Computer and Center of Advanced Computation of XHU. 
      The school has 63 faculty members, among whom 8 are professors and 30 are associate professors. 
      The School gives full access to the laboratory, lays stress on practical teaching, increases the investment of hardware installation and strengthens the communication and contact with the society so as to improve students’ academic abilities and communication skills.
      The school has institutions of applied physics and applied chemistry which guide students to be engaged in nation-level and province-level research projects. And over 300 academic papers have been published, of which more than 100 papers are retrieved by SCI, EI, and ISTP, CA and so on.
      The School has always paid various attentions to the students’ overall competence. It lays stress on cultivating students’ all-round abilities especially innovations. As a result, students have received many awards at national and provincial levels.

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