School of Energy and Environment


      As one of the largest and the most comprehensive schools in XHU, the School of Energy and Environment offers 5 undergraduate programs: Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Hydraulic and Hydro-power Engineering, Architecture Environment & Equipment Engineering, Water Supply & Sewage Engineering, Environmental Engineering. The school began to enroll graduate students in 1985. Now it has two master’s degree programs of first-class disciplines on Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo physics and Civil Engineering, 6 master’s degree programs of second-disciplines on Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Power Machinery and Engineering, Chemical Process Equipment, Municipal Engineering, Hydraulic and Hydro-power Engineering, Heating, Gas Supplying, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering. It is also authorized to grant Engineering Master Degree in Power Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Architecture and Civil Engineering. 
      The School has devoted great efforts to scientific research. Through 40-year sustainable development, it is proud of the key laboratory co-founded by the Ministry of Education of China and Sichuan Province-Fluid and Power Machinery Laboratory and a Provincial Laboratory-Fluid Machinery Laboratory and other research centers and institutes.
In recent years, the School has taken on over 50 ministerial and provincial scientific projects, won 10 national awards for science and technology progress and published over 20 textbooks and works.
      There is a total faculty of over 70, including 30 ministerial and provincial experts and professors. Teachers with master and doctoral degrees account for 80%. Now there are 2000 undergraduate students and 150 graduate students.
The School has organized national academic conferences for many times and made wide-ranging exchange with renowned universities in the U.S.A, Britain, Canada, Germany, Austria, Japan, etc. 

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