School of Management


      The School consists of 6 teaching divisions: Engineering Management Department, Business Management Department, Marketing Department, Department of Human Resources Management, Financial Management Department and Accounting Department. Through about 10-year sound and sustainable development, it has a master’s degree authorized unit of first-class discipline on Business Management, a provincial key discipline on Business Management and two provincial specialties on Accounting and Engineering Management. 
      It also includes a number of research centers and institutes. These are 4 Research Centers : Research Center of Financial Planning, Research Center of Non-public Economy, Research Center of Marketing Planning, Experimental Center of Management Information, and 3 institutes: Institute of Human Resources Management, Institute of Project Management as well as Institute of Strategic Management.
      It has 83 faculty members, among whom 46 are professors and associate professors, 32 are lecturers. Currently there are nearly 3500 postgraduate and undergraduate students.


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