School of Architecture and Civil Engineering


      The School of Architecture and Civil Engineering aims to cultivate high-level technical personnel in construction industry and scientific and teaching talents in relevant fields.
      Currently, it’s qualified to grant a master degree of first-discipline on Civil Engineering and offers 6 undergraduate programs in Architecture, City Planning, Landscape Architecture Design, Civil Engineering, Engineering Cost and Real Estate Management.  
      The school is equipped with 2 experimental centers, 10 laboratories, and 6 research institutes: Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, Institute of Engineering Management, XHU Institute of City Planning & Design, XHU Institute of Landscape and Gardening Design, XHU Institute of Building Energy Efficiency and Building Energy, XHU Institute of Brand Symbol and XHU Institute of Structural Engineering, providing a lot of opportunities for experiment and scientific research.
      The high-quality faculty consists of over 40 professors and associate professors. Half of them have obtained certified qualifications of first-class registered architect, planner, and structural engineer and so on. The research funding has amounted to millions of RMB per year. Owing to the financial support and hard work of teachers and students, over 10 papers and books have been published.
      The School has cultivated over 7000 technical personnel in construction engineering and there are over 2900 undergraduate and graduate students.

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