School of Humanities


      The School of Humanities is a comprehensive school dedicated to cultivating national academic elites who possess high humanistic quality, highly-developed sense of responsibility and innovation.
      At present, School of Humanities has 72 faculty members in total, among whom 8 are professors, 23 are associate professors.    
      The school consists of 4 academic departments: Departments of Chinese Language and Literature, Law, History and Culture, Educational Science. In addition, the Department of Law offers Dual-Bachelor Degree Program.  
      A second-class master’s degree program in Marxism and Chinese Culture Studies has been granted to the school. The courses of Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese History have been recognized as the Provincial Best Courses. Three other courses, Modern Chinese Language, Introduction to Linguistics, Pedagogy, are recognized as University-Level Excellent Courses. Moreover, there are two Key Research Bases for Humanities and Social Science: Center for the Protection, Research and Development of Local Cultural Resources and Shuxue Study Center which is jointly established with Sichuan Research Institute of Culture and History.

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