Rennan Branch Campus

      Rennan branch campus, originally from Sichuan Economic Management Institute, is located in third section of Renmin South Road of Chengdu. It is in the downtown with convenient traffic and bustling streets. Rennan campus made collaborative projects with Canadian governments from 1984 to 1997; therefore, it absorbed the management knowledge and theories of developed countries in an early time.
      The school has established National Institute of Professional Skills Identification and holds College English Tests, National Computer Rank Examination and some other examinations for professional qualifications regularly. The School also carries out Dual Certificates for students. Graduates can get a 3-year diploma and a professional certificate in relevant fields if they pass the training examinations. Compared with students only with academic degrees, students with professional certificate shall be more practical and competitive in job market and serve the society well.
      Rennan campus of XHU is a significant training base for enterprise management designated by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and in charge of training for leaders and senior managers of large and medium-size enterprises in Sichuan Province and Southwest China.

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