School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation


      As one of the schools that have the longest history and largest scale in XHU, Mechanical Engineering and Automation was established in 1960.Through over 50-year sustainable development, the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation now has a master’s degree program of first-discipline on Mechanical Engineering and four master’s degree programs of second-discipline on Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Measuring Technology and Instrument. It’s also qualified for granting engineering master’s degree in the area of mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering for in-service staff with the equivalent academic level. Since 1996, the school has offered doctoral programs jointly with relevant schools and departments of Chongqing University, Sichuan University and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Currently, the school is actively applying for the authority for granting a doctoral degree.
      There are 105 faculty members, including 2 doctoral supervisor, 22 professors and 32 associate professors. There are nearly 2600 undergraduate students and 260 graduate students.
      In recent years, the school has been in charge of over 100 various research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Laboratory Foundation, Spring Sunshine Plan approved by the Ministry of Education with research funding of nearly 7 million Yuan per year. Students are also participating in extracurricular activities, such as China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the Challenge Cup, and Robot-Soccer World Soccer Cup, and have received 100 awards at international, national and provincial levels. 
      As the strong program of XHU, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation has made great progress in recent years. Students of the school are famous for their diligence, perseverance and innovation.

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