Center for Information and Network Technology

      Center for Information and Network Technology (CINT) was founded in December, 1998.

It provides the following services:
● User Registration
● Account Information Inquiries
● Download Software
● Computer Upgrades
● Virus Protection
● IP Address Activation
● Website Support
● Homepage Design

Internet Access for Foreign Faculty and Students
1.Purchase a non-renewable Internet Access Card available in the Finance Department located on the first floor of the Administrative building.  Cards are 20 Yuan and expire after one year.Usage of the university website at is free of charge.  However, external websites such as are not and users will be charged approximately 1 cent per megabyte. 
2.Fill out a New Account Application at the Internet Office located in Teaching Building 4
3.Provide both the building and room numbers of the dorm or apartment where you are staying so that the Internet Office can assign the appropriate IP Address for the applicant.  Access cannot be turned on without this information.
4.Receive a Xihua University Intranet User Name and Password
5.The Internet Office will activate the student’s account
6.Visit the University website at
7.Due to the difficulty foreign students have in accessing the system for the first time, we highly recommend obtaining assistance from students or faculty

Center for Information and Network Technology
Xihua University
Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R. China
Zip Code: 610039
Tel: 86-28-8772-0162
Fax: 86-28-8772-0156

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