Phoenix School


Co-established with Phoenix Satellite TV in April, 2010, Phoenix School of XHU set a model of collaboration between the university and industries. It makes full use of excellent resources of two parties and brings the advantages of XHU, a comprehensive university and Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite Group into full play, aiming to cultivate advanced and intermediate media talents. The School recruits undergraduate students and three-year program students.
Phoenix Satellite Television belongs to Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite Television Group, which was founded in March 31st, 1996. Its business covers a variety of fields, such as TV, news, magazine, advertising and network. Phoenix Satellite Television have received many awards for 30 years since its establishment and become the leading one among Asian televisions and media.
Ruan Cishan, top commentator of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV, and Shao Wenguang, a Ph. D graduate of Oxford University as well as other famous professionals are either regular lecturers or visiting speakers at XHU University.
The School has a group of teachers who also work in print media, television, network, video production companies and other companies in the media industry. Combing with their own working experience, these teachers give more practical and new ideas to students in their courses. The School also establishes training bases with CCTV, Phoenix TV, SCTV and other televisions, so that students can have a practical experience of media industry and find out what they need to improve if they want to be qualified journalist or broadcaster. Students of program of digital media participated in the post production of New Drag Inn, the first 3D movie in China, and were highly praised by movie manufacture.
There are about 150 undergraduate students and three-year program students in the School.


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